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Scolarships in tourism studies - academic year 2018/19

University of Maribor, Slovenia, is one of Europe's best educational institution (ranked among top 300), offering tourism studies at first (bachelor) and second (master) level. Many young men and women have a strong passion and potential which must be supported, fostered, and developed so that in turn they can change lives, benefit society, and impact the world. That is why, we are offering a scholarship to assist promising young students in need of financial assistance, to help them secure the education and expertise they will need to pursue their goals. This scholarship is open to any applicant who is currently pursuing enrollment for the academic year 2018/2019, starting October 1, 2018.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees for the whole duration of the studies (3 years for bachelor level and 2 years for master level) for the study program “Toursim”. It does not cover other expenses (e.g. medical insurance, lodging, travel costs, etc). The language of instruction is Slovenian.


If you are a dynamic, passionate, hard-working student currently in high school, college, university, or trade school, create a video in Slovenian or English (under 4 minutes in length) explaining why you think education in the tourism area is the key to a brighter future, and how you plan to help shape society. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you wish to attend the Faculty of tourism. Share what motivates and inspires you, and what dreams your education will allow you to pursue. Describe what you are passionate about and what you have already done to help uplift society. Tell us why you believe our scholarship could help you and what it will help you achieve. Share with us your vision and you may become the lucky winner of a scholarship from Faculty of tourism covering the full tuition fees.

You should have some background in Slovenian language (or any other language of the Slavic group and willing to learn Slovenian language), the language of instruction.

Applicant should meet all the requirements for EU Schengen area (i.e. Slovenian) visa or residence permit.

Application Process

Upload your video to YouTube with the title “Faculty of Tourism Scholarship Program by [insert your name]”. Email your active YouTube link to with the following information in English:

  • Your name, Mailing address, Contact phone number
  • Name and address of your current school
  • Your brilliant plans to better your future (max. 200 words)
  • A scanned copy of records (with marks/grades and courses taken)
  • A letter of support by one of your current teachers

How videos will be judged

Our panel of judges will be comprised of both our faculty staff and by members of the local community. We will assess each video submitted and evaluate the points described in the “Video Submission Guidelines” section above. Additionally, quality, clarity, and creativity will be taken into account – your video should ideally possess all of these qualities.

Please note that by entering this scholarship contest, you agree that we may use your video for promotional or marketing purposes, which will in turn help promote future scholarship programs. The winning applicant agrees that Faculty of Tourism may announce their receipt of the award as a means of promoting the scholarship program for future participants.

Deadline and Award Date

Deadline of submission is March 5, 2018. The winner will be announced on March 15, 2018 and the lucky student must claim the scholarship within one week after being contacted or it will be given to another participant.

Best of luck to each participant.  We are excited to hear about your plans and your vision!


Additional conditions:

The final admittance and thus conferring of the scholarship award is subject to the following conditions:

  • the student registers in time via web (click here to “enrolment application”) for study and sends the printed application by regular mail,
  • the student applies in time for the recognition of study achievements by presenting notary verified and apostilled (or original) documents in English (otherwise officially translated to Slovenian) and such recognition is granted,
  • the student meets general admittance criteria,
  • the student meets residence permit/visa requirements:

    - valid passport (validity exceeds 15 months)

    - valid medical insurance covering at least urgent medical assistance

    - certificate of no criminal record, not older than 3 months, translated into Slovenian and notary verifiedadequate funds for the entire duration of stay (min ~300 EUR per month as of Oct-2017)

    - when filling-in the application for the residence permit/visa at Slovenian embassy / consulate, the applicant’s fingerprints will be digitally scanned

  • the student is selected for the study if the number of applicants is larger than the number of available seats and/or scholarships (such a selection is based on student’s grades).


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